Tokyo Plain

(photo essay book) In 1991, I moved from New York to Tokyo. Out of the last 16 years I have spent eight in the Japanese metropolis. She has become my home. I know each and every corner of Megalopolis – by bicycle, by train, by car. Can you really know her that well? Yes, the vast city is more assessable than one would believe. A flood of books about Tokyo reach western shores every year, as well as a deluge of films. Ever since the motion picture BLADE RUNNER, this picture of a futuristic high-rise Tokyo prevails even though only a meager 10% of the city fulfill this image. But it is particularly that which is not in “the conscience” of the city that I want to show. With a Chinese, middle- format camera (Seagull) I capture what the early morning in a rather rural Tokyo has to offer – where it can happen that a police station is keeping chicken in rabbit hutches. No, it is not the suburbs I am trying to portray – everything I photographed is to be found within the vicinities of the 23 borrows boroughs of Tokyo – most of it even within the Yamanote line, a train that encircles the most more important centers of the city. and i added 40 stories i have written over the course of all those years. aphorisms that work like photographs. paperback, 108 pages, 64 color prints, 40 stories, 24x24 pages available at