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the last lunch / the audience

(performance/short film/double feature film)

LAST LUNCH was the overture to an opera the artist was commissioned to do the visuals for by Berlin based composer Peter Ablinger and the writer Yoko Tawada. It features well known austrian artists like Gelitin, Michael Kienzer as well as the architect Ernst Fuchs/the next enterprise or film makers like Thomas Draschan a.o. LAST LUNCH was filmed in at Museum Ludwig in Vienna as part of a performance entitled: A DAY ON A FILM SET. Regular visitors of the museum, which features paintings by Klimt and Schiele, could watch Honetschläger and his cast perform the making of a film.

THE AUDIENCE is a cinematic experiment about “the city”. Los Angeles, Tokyo, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Brasilia are represented by one single woman: the seduction. Aimlessly she wanders through cityscapes, most of them painted by the artist, frame by frame she dives through an analog world toward a digital surface.

7 min / 70minx2 double projection, hdv/digi beta
Los Angeles, Tokyo, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Vienna 2005
starring yukika kudo, ali janka, rüdiger andorfer, viktor bucher, christof cargnelli, paul divjak, thomas draschan, thomas eller, ernst j. fuchs, michael kienzer, kurt kladler, wilhelm mahringer, tom meyer, florian reither
texts yoko tawada
music peter ablinger
camera martin putz
editor kurt hennrich
paintings/ set design/ camera edgar honetschläger
line producer karin tonsern
producer edoko institute vienna / com institute tokyo
premiere at the steirischer herbst, graz