is a photo book that works like a film essay about Brazil's capitol Brasília trying to lay open the soul of the fabulous city.
"Edgar Honetschläger’s photo boards portray the world’s most popular ruin of modernism in a light that vaguely allows to fathom its iconic beauty. The city appears deserted - only cars move about in an infinite tropical rain. Diluted Oskar Niemeyer’s provocative pathos. The gleaming white outlines and edges of his buildings drowned in eerie blue and grey. Senses crumble under the overwhelming sky. Mist, night and rain make Brasília disperse in a Fata Morgana of an ideal city – a utopia realized in the final days of an era of unlimited possibilities – long passed." (Johannes Schlebrügge)
"When I set out for Brazil for the first time I went straight for the real thing – not Rio de Janeiro, not São Paulo – Brasília was where I wanted to go. I’d seen the city in a cinema when I was a child, just like Persepolis (Pars) in Persia, another dream driven by running pictures that I made come true. Both places blew my mind. It is Clarice Lispector’s text that opens this book, which the genius writer conceived for the inauguration of one of the most amazing cities in the world. Her very words I was reading on the airplane when I was going toward the ‘airplane’ Brasília. I fell in love right away – with Clarice and with Brasília. I painted the city, I filmed it, I wanted to move there – forever. And I shot a whole bunch of Polaroids, as I considered this way of capturing modernity most appropriate: A reference to Brasília being built when this medium started to become hip. As the city was built for the sun it came natural to portrait the other side of the moon: Brasília in the rain." (Edgar Honetschläger)
"Brasília is built along the line of the horizon. Brasília is artificial, as artificial as the world must have been when it was created. When the world was created, a man had to be created especially for that world. We are all deformed by adaptation to God’s freedom. We do not know what we would be like if we had been created first and then the world deformed to our needs. Brasília does not yet have the man of Brasília. If I were to say that Brasília is beautiful they would see immediately that I like the city. But if I say that Brasília is the image of my insomnia they see an accusation in it. But my insomnia is neither attractive nor ugly, my insomnia is me, it is alive, it is my fear. It is a semicolon. The two architects were not thinking about constructing beauty; that would be easy: they built unexplained fear..." (Clarice Lispector 1962 - excerpt from the book)

Hardcover, English, 84 pages, 29 x 33 cm 44 polaroid photo boards texts by CLARICE LISPECTOR / EDGAR HONETSCHLÄGER design E.H and SOPHIE THUN publisher: schlebrügge.editor available @