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(performance / installation)

in 1993/94 I realized the public art project SCHUHWERK in Yokohama city and Tokyo. During a performance, that took place in seven different public spaces, passerbys were asked to step into 45 x 45 cm semi-dry PLASTER PLATES, leaving their FOOT PRINTS – with their shoes on. The plates were prepared by 80 students from three different art universities (Tama, Musabi, Gedai) at the spot. 780 passerby’s participated. One of our aims was to get out of the ivory tower of art – into the street. We approached common people and the response was overwhelming: people would wait up to three hours for their chance to leave a footprint. After they had left their mark, the footprints were filled with WAX and on the right bottom corner of each plate the first name of the participant, the time, the date and the location of participation was SILK SCREENED.
In a show at SAGATCHO EXHIBIT SPACE all those plates were laid out, covering a floor of 150 square meter. The people who had left their foot prints were invited, asked to take off their shoes and walk on the floor they themselves had created. The installation formed one big society – focusing on the theme of INDIVIDUALISM versus Conformism. The installation was later acquired by Mitsubishi Estate and installed permanently at the lobby of a high riser located at Roi 1, Yokohama.

tokyo / yokohama 1994
curator: ritsuko segawa
organizer scai the bathhouse / masami shiraishi
sagatcho exhibit space / kazuko koike
photography shigeo anzai
text by fumio nanjo
sponsored by the japan foundation, austrian embassy, the city of yokohama, yokohama portside urban development committee, mitsubishi estate co ltd., yokohama minato mirai 21 corporation, yokohama shintoshi center
documentary available in mini dv