(feature film)

What happens when GREEN TEA meets MILK? Find out as four young urban nomads find themselves in TOKYO— a city spinning with pop culture and ancient traditions. Follow a quirky Austrian artist drawn to the offbeat Japanese woman he met at NEW YORK’s Chelsea Hotel and a mysterious monument he discovers in Tokyo. The young Japanese woman finds freedom in the role of an elevator girl, where her many choices are reduced to “up” and “down”. A radio english teacher from New York who falls in love with a rogue salaryman. Spirits live, CULTURES CLASH and twains meet in this hip, atmospheric, and truly original film.
Focussing on his considerable gift for kinetic observation and arresting composition on locations in New York and Tokyo, first-time helmer Edgar Honetschläger treats viewers to cinematic interludes that excite the imagination and tickle the funny bone. (VARIETY)

102 min, 35mm/digi beta
new york / tokyo / vienna, 1998
written by leza lowitz, edgar honetschläger
starring serge pinkus, kudo yukika, sherri weiner, oshio hideki, yamamoto kenij, lucas reiner a.o.
sound eiji tamura
cinematography hiroki miyano
editor kurt hennrich
line producer melissa waldron
producer fischer film/OSY tokyo
premiere at the berlinale/berlin international film festival