“Those who make pictures rule the world” is the proposition of this movie, which connects the former center of picture production – Rome – with that of today: Los Angeles. Like Genesis in the Bible, the film has a seven-day structure. A young Italian girl, the devil and a Japanese Shinto goddess take a trip in an old Mercedes Benz from Rome through a painted and drawn America to L.A., as reproduced in the large drawings on display. By means of huge rolling backdrops (moved by three cardinals) and drawn sets, the classic iconography of American road movies is laid out. It is a fairy tale, comedy, and drama that caricatures the global omnipresence of Western imagery and Hollywood pictures with humour and irony, without forgetting to make fun of itself, the illusion film, and the genre road movie. www.losfeliz.at / www.1000000000.at   ENGLISH, ITALIAN, CHINESE, JAPANESE / DCP 24fps / 1:1,85 / Stereo / 105’ / color / engl. or german subtitles written and directed by EDGAR HONETSCHLÄGER cinematography PIERGIORGIO BOTTOS, DANIEL HOLLERWEGER gaffers KATOU MASAAKI, DOMINIK DANNER sound recordist CLAUS PITSCH paintings and drawings EDGAR HONETSCHLÄGER editors STEFAN FAULAND, EDGAR HONETSCHLÄGER, YORGOS MAVROPSARIDIS producers EDGAR HONETSCHLÄGER, YUKIKA KUDO, ROBERT SHULEVITZ production company EDOKO INSTITUTE FILM PRODUCTION supported by AUSTRIAN FILM INSTITUTE, VIENNA FILM FUND, ORF, LAND OBERÖSTERREICH, EDOKO INSTITUTE   making of LOS FELIZ - Making Of from edgar honetschläger on Vimeo.   press/review