(film essay) Once upon a time there was a fisherman who rowed his boat up a river. As he came upon a beautiful peach grove he discovered a village behind it that had been cut off the rest of civilization for many centuries. People there were peaceful and loved each other. The fisherman wanted to stay forever, but as he longed for his family he decided to go back home. On his way he left marks in order to be able to return. Soon he was tempted to go back - but as much as he searched - he never found paradise again. "I am happy if I can play around, people are sleeping. Meanwhile the traffic-jam. I wanna be like cockroach" says the girl while she rides on a boat through the canals of Tokyo located under three story highways. L + R is a a journey into past and present JAPAN, an essay narrated from A to Z by a young Japanese woman. She resists to see her world through the western directors eyes. time for her is - here and now. Digital directness and never shown PROPAGANDA FILM from the 1940's (National Archives Washington) wave a colorful carpet of the love story (drama) between EAST and WEST, a man and a woman, L + R (election+erection).
80 minutes, 35mm/digi beta vienna / tokyo 2000 appearances yukika kudo, mishima yukio, kawabata yasunari, amamoto hideyo, imaii toshimitsu a.o. camera norbert artner, edgar honetschläger editor kurt hennrich line producer karl neubert / tekipaki studio producer fischer film premiere at Rotterdam film festival