Kappa kun Tokyo he

(Kappa goes Tokyo)93x63 cm technique: pencil, aquarell color, oil stick on Japanese paper KAPPA kun is a water imp every child in Japan knows. For centuries artists and calligraphers have been depicting the mythological figure - up to our days. The Japanese - old and young - really believe that those water imps happily exist out there in the nature. Kappas punish as well as reward humans for good and bad deeds. Kappas have a “osara” in their head – a hole - that always must be filled with water otherwise they must die… In “Kappa goes Tokyo” Kappa’s girl friend Koi-chan (carp girl) talks him into visiting Tokyo. He starts out liking the big metropolis since there are so many fun things to discover. Soon troubles start, as he meets all kinds of creatures he never saw before - including millions of other Kappas. His obstacle: where to find water in the city of concrete? After many adventures Kappa kun ends up in a bubble that takes him high up into the sky. At the tip of the Tokyo tower the bubble bursts! Kappa is in shock, but only for a moment, because the water imp learns to fly. Later the drawings and the texts were turned into a book available at http://www.schlebruegge.com/de/content/edgar-honetschläger-ein-kappa-geht-nach-tokyo