il mare e la torta

the sea and the cake (film essay) I used to think that GOETHE had written the most boring stories about SICILY - till I met him in a dark mysterious tavern downtown PALERMO. His face showing the traces of decades of alcohol topped by a crown of curled grey hair he invited me to guide me through Sicily. FREDERIC II, Stauffer emperor, came along when we went to visit an ARABIC school, in which the kids were gaily twittering a song of tolerance, while the former mayor Leoluca Orlando, surrounded by his bodyguards, would drag a huge Christmas tree into the salon of his ancient villa. Mount Etna did not want to hear of calming - therefore the star cellist Giovanni Solima had come to challenge him - both erupted - side by side. Next a sign appeared on top of the garbage: non e un film di mafia/this is not a film about the mafia, that the city had bestowed the sea, just as the "conscience" - the MAFIA photographer - Letizia Battaglia, took a seat. What remains are the musicians, who like muezzins, standing on top of the norman cathedral in Monreale would shout a poem by DYLAN THOMAS into the land that always appeared to me like a big tasty cake laying astray in the sea.
60 min, digi beta/dvd limited edition sicily / vienna 2003 starring roberto andò, letizia battaglia, claudio collovà, leoluca orlando, a.o. music giovanni sollima, giacco pojero, nino vetri camera giovanni d’angelo, edgar honetschläger,yukika kudo, martin putz editor thomas woschitz sound peter waldenberger line producers gabriele kranzelbinder, maria concetta spinosa producer amour fou premiere at viennale (vienna int. film festival)