Beijing Holiday

(short film, installation) BEIJING HOLIDAY is a fairy tale. An ironic adaption of William Wyler's "Roman Holiday" featuring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Beijing Holiday is a romance between the former first Lady of China, Soong May-Ling and the filmmaker Edgar Honetschläger. He, the Westerner, guides the sophisticated Lady Chang Kai-Shek through a thriving Beijing, showing her, what the very communists that won out against her, are doing at present. Nonetheless BEIJING HOLIDAY isn't a cute puppet show. The film, by means of symbolism and metaphors, utters harsh criticism on how "naive" the West is dealing with mainland China. For the filmmaker is not in favor of Soong Mei-Ling (even though he has to admit that he fell for her as a man), the Kumintang or the ruling party of Taiwan. Beijing Holiday deals with the "fetish politics". The film clearly states: Art needs not be political, but it is a sign of a "sane" society, if the arts can be. 13 min, miniDV / edition 5+1 vienna / tokyo / taipei / beijing 2007 actors: soong mei ling / edgar honetschläger camera: sylvie guérard / thomas woschitz editor: thomas woschitz sculptor: ouyang liqi assistant director: houxiu nagaokadirector: edgar honetschläger producer: com institute tokyo / edoko institute Vienna premiere at "discovering the other" curated by gertjan zuilhof for the National Palace Museum Taipei, with YAEL BARTANA, APICHATPONG WEERASETHAKUL, DEBORAH STRATMAN, ELLA RAIDEL, HONGJOHN LIN, MERILYN FAIRSKYE, TSAI MING-LIANG press/review