Edgar Honetschläger is an artist, screen writer and film director born and raised in Austria. Being a rather intense kid, his mother would send him to England frequently - which made him a fervent traveler. He has spent four years of his life in the United States (New York, LA, San Francisco), more than ten years in Japan (Tokyo), three years in Italy (Rome, Palermo, Tarquinia) and a stressful year in Brazil (Sao Paulo,  Brasilia). Today he makes his homes mainly in Vienna and Tarquinia, but he continues traveling the globe extensively. The common denominators of his work are the themes of INDIVIDUALISM and the celebration of CULTURAL DIFFERENCES. DIVERSITY IS NECESSITY. Anything mono casts a threat to the beauty of different expressions/believes/languages/approaches toward life. Understanding other cultures is not a given - the question is rather if it is possible at all - for sure it needs a maximum of tolerance (nobody is without prejudice). A society can only function if everyone is granted the same amount of space. You can drive your individualism (does it really exist or is it just a concept?) only as far as not to hurt another existence. Linear understanding of HISTORY is a misconception just as the Western idea of LOVE is only one possible approach within the interaction of humans. After all, emotions too, are nothing but ideas. Honetschläger expresses these believes by means of drawing, painting, film, performance, installation and photography.    
2017 Vienna / Tarquinia
2016 Vienna / Rome
2015 Los Angeles / Siracusa / Vienna
2011 – 2014 Vienna / Umbria
2009 – 2011 Tokyo / Vienna
2007 – 2008 Brasilia / Sao Paolo / Tokyo
2003 – 2006 Vienna / Tokyo
2002 Palermo - Vienna
2000 – 2001 Rome - Vienna
1999 – 2000 Vienna / Tokyo / Los Angeles
1997 – 1999 Vienna / Tokyo
1991 – 1997 Tokyo
1989 – 1991 New York City
1985 – 1989 studies economics + art history at the Universities of Linz, Graz, Vienna + art institute San Francisco
Lectures at the Gejutsu Daigaku University Tokyo, Nichidai University Tokyo, University of Yamaguchi/Japan, University Olomouc Chech Republic, University of applied Arts Vienna, Academy of fine Arts Vienna, University of Yazd/Iran, University of Arts Linz    


2016 LOS FELIZ, 105’ feature film, best sound design at the DIAGONALE (AustrianFestival), best foreign feature film at Siena Int. Film Festival, Cinetecca Nazionale Rome features Los Feliz and Il Mare e la Torta
2015 320 FILOSOFIANA, 18’ experimental short film, premiere at the Viennale
2014 OMSCH at Diagonale, Graz
2013 OMSCH, 83’ feature-docu (AT) premiere at the visions du reel int. film festival Nyon, Switzerland -  Prix Buyens-Chagoll
2012 KAZUE, fiction short 2' (IT/AT) LONGING, fiction short 3’, (AT)
2011 AUN, Feature Film, Japan/Austria, 100min, 35mm premiere @ the int. film festival Rotterdam, St. Petersburg Film Festival, Russia, Era New Horizons IFF, Poland
2008 SUGAR and ICE, Brasilia, 6min, digi BEIJING HOLIDAY at Rotterdam Film Festival
2007 BEIJING HOLIDAY, Beijing/Taipei/Vienna/Tokyo, 13 min, digi-beta ERNI on Culture TV ERNI is chosen as the official logo representing Austrian cultural activities abroad
2006 ERNI@ IFF Rotterdam Vancouver Film Festival Calgary Film Festival Toronto WWSF Montreal festival Nouveau Cinema Freewave FF, LA Rio de Janeiro Film Festival Hammer Museum LA Locarno Film Festival THE AUDIENCE Brasilia/Buenos Aires/ Montevideo/Los Angeles/Tokyo/Vienna HD70’, director and producer premiere @ Diagonale, Graz Holland Summer Festival, Amsterdam
2005 ERNI, 7 min short film, HD, director and producer premiere at the world Expo, Aichi/Japan, Locarno Film Festival THE AUDIENCE, for the 7th act of Peter Ablinger’s OPERA, 2 films (2x60min), libretto by yoko tawada
2004 Il mare e la torta @ int. Premiere at the IFF Rotterdam Diagonale Graz Buenos Aires Film Festival Rome int. Film Festival Tursak int. Film Festival, Istanbul Viennale, Vienna int. FF Crossing Europe, Sao Paulo IFF Formation of EDOKO Institute Film production
2003 Il mare e la torta/ the sea and the cake, film essay, 60min. director and co-producer premiere at Viennale, Vienna int. film festival
2002 George in Hollywood, Los Angeles S8/35mm, 3 min. director and producer int. Premiere at the IFFRotterdam George in Hollywood @ LA Freewaves Film Festival enduring freedom, Vienna, 4 min, digital-film for the internet, director and co-producer
2001 Los Feliz, screen play for a feature film with Reinhard Jud and Jonny Elkes Isola Farnese, teaser for Diagonale, Austrian Film Festival, Graz, director and producer colors int. Premiere at the IFFRotterdam Diagonale, Austrian Filmfestival Pesaro Film Festival, Italy
2000 L+R, Tokyo, 79’ film essay, digital/blow up 35mm, director and co-producer int. Premiere at the IFFRotterdam Diagonale 2000, Graz, Austrian Premiere Seattle International Film Festival Popcorn Film Festival, Stockholm Interdependent Film Forum, Tokyo Vancouver International Film Festival Leipzig Dokumentarfilm Festival International Filmfestival Bratislava colors = the history of chocolate, masaccio, in times of emergency film trilogy Rome/Florence, digbeta 33’, director and co-producer colors, premiere at the VIENNALE, Vienna
1999 MILK @ IFF Rotterdam, Holland India Int. Filmfestival, Hyderabad Sardines, screen play with playwright and Hollywood producer Susan B. Landau for a feature film Randzonen, 45 sec. teaser for cinema+TV for the Festival of Regions
1998 MILK @ International premiere at the BERLINALE, Germany DIAGONALE Austrian FF, Graz Popcorn Filmfest, Stockholm, Sweden Festival of European Co-Production, Sofia, Bulgaria Fernsehfestival Meran, Italy Jungla 98, Barcelona, Spain MIF Cannes, Marche International du Film, France American Film Institute, Washington DC, USA Solothurner Filmtage, Switzerland Stockholm, Festival of European Co-Production Sofia IFF, Bulgaria TV festival Meran, Italy Washington DC, New Films from Austria, American Film Institute Noordelijk Film festival, Norway Leeurwarden, Friesland, Germany Belgrade International Filmfestival, Yugoslavia
1997 MILK, New York/Tokyo, S16mm/blow up 35mm, 100’ feature, director and co-producer. premiere at the VIENNALE, international Film Festival Vienna
1996 97-(13+1) SVHS Video, 10 min, Tokyo MILK, screen play for a feature film with Leza Lowitz
1995 HCN MIAU, New York, HUMANIC TV commercial for season 1996
1994 GADGETS, Hi 8 Video 12 min, Tokyo
1991 SEQUENCES, S8mm Film/blow up16mm, 15 min, New York, director and producer with Serge Pinkus, James Goldwasser, Josef Ramaseder, Paula Hayes, Sjoerd Hofstra, Mia Hansford

Solo Exhibits/Performances/Installations/Group Shows SELECTION

2016 Solo shows with the artwork for LOS FELIZ at 21er Haus/Belvedere Vienna and Museo d’arte Contemporanea di Roma Kunsthalle Darmstadt
2014 No more Fukushimas, VIENNA ART WEEK, curated by Marcello Farabegoli DER STUHL, Traklhaus Salzburg Elisabeth zeigt Edgar Honetschläger/Alois Mosbacher, Vienna Parkfair, Vienna
2013 SUGAR AND ICE, a book about Brasilia, publisher: Schlebrügge.Editor Kunstforum Montafon: On emigrating and returning Wallpaper 15 for Steinbrener/Dempf, Wien, Titel: GUINEA PIGS HANDARBEIT; Museum Kunst der Ostküste, Germany 21erHaus (museum 21st century, Vienna) AUN at TBA 21 Vienna, with Christian Fennesz
2012 FRAMBOISE FRIVOLE, solo show at Charim Galerie Vienna Autumn leaves fields, Bambin Art Gallery Tokyo
2011 NEGATIVE SPACE PERFORMANCE at Charim Galerie Vienna PROPOSALS FOR VENICE, Landesgalerie am Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseum Linz, curator: Thorsten Sadovsky THE ANIMAL SHOW, Rupertinum Salzburg
2010 BRAVE NEW WORLD, Group show at MUDAM Luxembourg EDOPOLIS, Solo show Casino Luxembourg d’Art Contemporain
2009 EDOPOLIS, Solo show Kunsthalle Krems BEST OF AUSTRIA, Lentos Linz LINZBLICK, Lentos Linz
2008 NAGOYA or the rise of  Japanese Metropolis, Vienna City Museum Introduction to Art History, Fotohof Salzburg Presentation of the photo book TOKYO PLAIN at the Nationalbibliotherk, Vienna BEIJING HOLIDAY, solo show ar Charim Gallery Vienna
2007 DISCOVERING THE OTHER Taiwan National Palace Museum, Taipei film show with Tsai Ming-liang, Merilyn Fairskye, Ella Raidel, Deborah Stratman, Apichatpong WeerasethakulBEIJING HOLIDAY at Shanghai Contemporary with Chi-Wen Gallery TaipeiIntroduction to Art History Ursula Blickle Stiftung
2006 chickenssuit presentation at the Kunstverein AARHUS, Denmark
2005 chickenssuit @ art cologne invents and develops the chickenssuit with Willi Mahringer - presentation at the World Expo in Aichi, Japan Hangar 7, Red Bull Exhibit with 6 distinguished Austrian painters. go between, international group show at Magazin4, Bregenzer Kunstverein
2004 the scent of snow @ Gallery charim + Vienna art fair FEET & TOKYO, prints 2 Heliogravurs with master printer Kurt Zain
2003 years after with Elisabeth Plank und Christoph Cagnelli at Palais Wittgenstein window toGallery 422, Gmunden Art Zürich with Charim Gallery
2002 regie at Brandts Kunsthallen Klaedefabrik, Kunsthalle Odense (book and video) Art Cologne mit Charim Gallery
2001 regie/directing, State Gallery Upper Austria, Linz (book) Los Feliz, Gallery Charim, Vienna in times of emergency, Steirischen Herbst, Graz Triennale Milano with in times of emergency
2000 Kunsthalle Vienna, Living and working in Vienna, with masaccio, curator: Gerald Matt Kunsthalle Krems, „Milk from the blue stream of the Danube“ with the history of chocolate FIAC Art Fair Paris with Artspace Viktor Bucher
1999 all the banalities, Artspace Viktor Bucher, Vienna all the banalities, Artforum Meran I have time, Portfolio Kunst AG, Vienna, [book and video]
1998 staged photography for the newspaper "Der Standard"
1997 participates in documenta X with 97-(13+1) / curator: CATHERINE DAVID Griffin, Los Angeles Art Basel with Gallery Steineck
1995 NICAF Int. Art Fair Yokohama Japan with Scai the Bathhouse, Tokyo 97-(13+1), Gallery Freihausgasse, Villach "memoirs"?, Gallery Gerersdorfer, Vienna sitt'n all over the place, Philips Gallery, Vienna 97-(13+1), Performance Projekt, Tokyo [book and video]
1994 SCHUHWERK, exhibition at Sagacho Exhibit Space Tokyo / Koike Kazuko Tampopo, Gallery Schillerplatz, Vienna
1993 Real Thing?, Gallery Hosomi, Tokyo Real Thing?, SAI Gallery, Osaka SCHUHWERK, Performance in Tokyo+Yokohama [book and video] curators: Ritsuko Segawa and SCAI the BATHOUSE (Shirashi Masami), Interview with NANJO FUMIO, Photos by Shigeo Anzai
1992 Real Thing?, Gallery Cross, Tokyo Asacloth Gallery, Tokyo Real Thing?, Gallery im Stifterhaus, Linz [book] Gallery Gerersdorfer, Vienna Kunst Raum, Stuttgart Gallery Pollhammer, Steyr Austrian Cultural Institute NY with Elisabeth Plank + Josef Ramaseder [book] Down to paper, Vienna
1991 "memoirs" , presentation at MJS Books and Graphics, New York Still Life, Performance New York
1990 nonetheless wurm, Gallery Spitzbart, Vorchdorf Palais Wittgenstein with Elisabeth Plank, Vienna [book] illustration for Joseph von Eichendorff's memoirs of a good for nothing - 210 Lithographs
1989 sensing soil, Performance, New York 60 days Austrian Museum of the 21. st century, Vienna
Public And Private Art Collections Wolfgang Gurlitt Museum Linz Albertina Vienna City of Vienna City of Linz Tiroler Landesmuseum Museum of Moderner Art Rupertinum Salzburg IBM Vienna Bank Austria Vienna Artothek, Collection of the government of Austria T-Mobile Center Vienna Red Bull Salzburg Minato Mirai Yokohama, Japan MUDAM, Museum of Modern Art Luxemburg
Books & Catalogues Honetschläger Edgar, HOUSE WITTGENSTEIN, Vienna 1990 Honetschläger Edgar, TOOLS, Galerie Asacloth Tokyo+Galerie im Stifter Haus, Vienna 1992 The Executive Committee of SCHUHWERK, Edgar Honetschläger, SCHUHWERK, Tokyo 1994 Honetschläger Edgar, 97-(13+1), DOCUMENTA X, Vienna 1997 Honetschläger Edgar, I HAVE TIME, Vienna 2000 Honetschläger Edgar, REGIE/DIRECTING, Linz 2001 Iglar, Rainer+Mauracher, Michael, Edgar Honetschläger, TOKYO PLAIN, Salzburg 2008 Dieter Buchhart+Enrico Lunghi, Edgar Honetschläger, EDOPOLIS, Krems/Luxembourg 2009SUGAR and ICE, a book about Brasilia, Schlebrügge.EditorEIN KAPPA GEHT NACH TOKYO, Schlebrügge.Editor
Prizes & Grants 2009 Cultural award by the Province of Upper Austria 1999 1996 Japan Foundation for realizing the film essay L+R 1996 Japan Foundation Tokyo & JEC Fund Osaka Grant for realizing the feature Film MILK 1995 Talent’s Award by the City of Linz