(performance/short film) 1993 the poor boys enterprise (a group of well known viennese architects) collect 97 WORN OUT CHAIRS in the streets of NYC. They send them by ship to Vienna. I picked 14 out of those 97 chairs and took them with me to TOKYO. Escaping their fate they were sent on a journey. In Tokyo i „made use“ of the chairs. After the performance I sent them back to where they had come from. Somewhere in the streets of NYC I set them out - after more then three years of travelling they had to face their original fate. In the first part of the performance I set up the chairs - lined up in a row - at different locations in TOKYO and asked HOMELESS, MANAGERS, male and female HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS to have a seat as mono-groups. In the 2nd part of the performance I tried to find people, who for some reason matched an individual chair and invited them to my studio. Each individualwas imtroduced to his/her chair and used it for a brief moment - a fleeting encounter. Before doing so I asked them to take off their clothes while in contact with the chair. Nude the human being is most vulnerable - just as those 14 CHAIRS who have survived a certain period of time and show all the scars of their existence.
12 min, limited edition tokyo / new york / vienna 1996 first shown at  DOCUMENTA X (curator catherine david) with yukie shimura, housewife / kyoske tsunoda, business executive / akiko noguchi, fashion designer / aki kakegawa, bartender / yuko yamazaki, sales girl / junichi yuzaka, writer / izumi oigo, elevator girl / gen kitano / kenji ishikawa, pianist / ekuko sasaki, shop owner / tomoko nishiuchi, student / nobuyoshi asano, sculptor / masaki tokimori, athlete / hiroko uemura, maiko=geisha to be organizer: yukika kudo